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10 Reasons Not to Vote UKIP


Unfortunate juxtaposition.

In the UK’s upcoming 2015 general election, many people seem tempted to vote for Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party (an anti-Europe, anti-immigration party), seeing it as a fresh change from the tired old politics of the main parties. Here are some rather quick, but no less damning thoughts as to why that’s a terrible idea. Read the rest of this entry


Discussion: Is It Wrong To Share Copyrighted Music? Pt.1


File sharing: equivalent to defecating in the helmet of a policeman you murdered.

I spoke with my good friend, musician and philosopher Toby Coe, who argues that we should not download or share music without the copyright holder’s permission.

Peter Hardy (PH): So would you contend that file sharing is wrong because it is stealing?

Toby Coe (TC): Partly, but the obvious caveat is that unlike traditional examples of stealing, the victim is not actually denied the right to their property as an object, but rather as a means of receiving remuneration for their labour. Read the rest of this entry

Marx On Alienation and Human Nature, Part 2



(NB: This is not a new essay; I have split the old one in two.)

Was Marx Right that People would not be Alienated Under Communism?

Three considerations prefigure an assessment of Marx’s account of workers’ alienation Read the rest of this entry



Part 1: What Is Alienation?

To know what Marx meant by ‘alienation’ is not straightforward because there is no single phenomena that he identified as alienating. Our colloquial usage of ‘alienation’ often refers to a feeling, but for Marx it need not be felt at all. Concepts of alienation were important in the idealist tradition contemporaneous to Marx, and were conceived of as the coming apart of something, the separation of essence from existence. Read the rest of this entry

Marx On Alienation and Human Nature, Part 1