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Entering the Stoic World Pt. 2- Metaphysics

Marcus Auerlius, Roman Emperor and Stoic

Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor and Stoic. I was not able to source this quote but it looks cool.

This article examines the metaphysics or philosophy of nature behind the Stoic views on community and detachment described in Part 1, and how this metaphysics changed in the later centuries of the school’s history. Before going into detail it will be helpful to contextualise the Stoics’ metaphysics within their broader tradition of philosophy. Despite preferring their porticoes to the horticultural environs of their Epicurean contemporaries, a popular Stoic metaphor depicts philosophy itself as a garden where:

“Logic is the walls, metaphysics the soil, and ethics the fruit”. [G. & S., (2012)] Read the rest of this entry


Most impressive shot in the history of photography x a trillion

Intuitively, a finite universe seems much more reasonable to us than an infinite one, if for no other reason than because in an infinite universe (or multiverse) everything that could happen, would happen. Read the rest of this entry

Infinity and Space – BBC Horizon (2010)


Do Physical Objects Possess Temporal Parts?

president_baracl_obama_changeThe problem of qualitative change is how an object that has a particular property at one time can be numerically identical with an object that does not have that property at a different time without violating the principle of the indiscernability of identicals.[1] (This is distinct from the problem of mereological change: can object that has particular parts at one time be likewise identical with different parts at a different time?) There would be a very significant philosophical conclusion should we be unable to solve this, namely that we cannot make literally correct statements of the form ‘the banana changed from green to yellow’. Read the rest of this entry

Identity and Change