Hi, welcome to Vibrant Bliss. This is a philosopher’s site which ultimately will be about living a joyful life. Or perhaps that should be mirthful.

From time to time we will delve into the murky depths of academia but this will always be marked as such and never be the primary focus of the site.

Disclaimer: the pictures used on this site are not my own, they are from Google image search. If you own the copyright to an image and wish me to remove it please contact me and I will be happy to do so.

As for the site’s own copyright, I am hereby licencing it under Creative Commons, so that you are free to reproduce as much of it as you want as long as you cite the author, usually myself (Peter Hardy), and the webpage URL as the reference accordingly.

To begin with there will mainly be an assortment of essays on ethicspolitics and philosophy. You can also follow me on Twitter.

Here is my first post where I talk a little about philosophy.

One central project I am starting is to study how to live life by comparing eudaimonic belief systems, rather than just religious ones. (It may be argued that all eudiamonic belief systems are actually religions, whether they have traditionally gone by that name or not).

Another major project will be blogging through an overview of my philosophy of religion. For its first year, this site existed for the purpose of publishing an e-book on this, but I found that writing a book was a lot harder than it looked, even though I’d already done all the reading and planning. I’ve yet to complete a first draft of even the first volume/half. I haven’t given up, and on the bright side, this discovery that I wasn’t suited to churning out research spared me from the struggle to become an academic.

Two things to say about the philosophy of religion:

1) It is not just about the ‘religions’, as in the creeds that Sikhs or Muslims must assent to, but about a whole way of life.  So it is philosophical both in that sense, and in the sense that it constitutes a critical dissection of such views.

2) This is a millenia-old intellectual discipline that remains a respectable academic subject today, studied in all the world’s major universities. That is to say, it is based on reason rather than blind faith, and is not some ‘New Age’ superstition about astrology and crystal skulls.

I hope that there’ll be a lot of humour along the way too, as I generally have quite a jovial demeanor, and also more importantly that we can get along with each other and learn some things. This site will not be for everyone so by all means leave if it doesn’t interest or sit well with you- there is no need to leave negative comments (not that I wish to hate upon our bridge-dwelling brethren).

I promise that comments will only be rejected if they are abusive to specific types of people e.g. Jews or homosexuals, but not if they criticise  me or specific positions of thought e.g. Judaism or the homosexual rights lobby. After all, that’s what this blog is all about, -I don’t mean criticising Judaism and homosexual actitivism,  there are more than enough sites like that already! No, I mean- criticising beliefs and belief systems, as that is what philosophy does. However, I will only reply to comments if I both want to and have time. I generally will not reply to especially irrelevant flippant remarks or to questions which I consider to have been adequately addressed in what they comment on.

There may well be long gaps between my substantive posts, but please bookmark the site and keep reading, and of course it would be great if you could pass the blog on to other interested parties. Thank you.


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