Witty little point about Obama’s plans.

G. Norman Lippert's Shiftlock

OK, just following the logic to its inevitable conclusion:  If sex is such an essential ingredient to women’s health that contraceptives should be provided by law, how long before the government starts providing actual sexual partners to those who cannot find them on their own?

Seriously, if free sex is a right that must be provided by law, what about those poor, awkward, less-than-attractive people for whom free contraceptives would be merely a cruel joke, rather like providing ice cube trays to someone stranded in the Mojave desert.  I predict a time when young men and women will be pressed to join a sort of Federal Sex Corp, dutifully servicing those less fortunate on behalf of the government.  Volunteers?  Call it a physical tax– you must have government mandated sex with one ugly person for every three-to-four attractive people of your choosing.

After all, hookers cost even more than contraception.

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