I like a good card as much as the next person, but please take the time to consider these points:

It’s a green issue (these are big now apparently). Cards are made of paper, but do all of them get recycled? Do they not produce a large amount of waste?

They’re a waste of money- its a consumer issue. You’re supposed send cards to everyone you know at Christmas- why? Because everyone else does- is that reason enough?- perhaps it is for those who sell them. Cards are not all expensive I know, but if you if you get proper ones they will set you back something in the region of £5 each. I ask you is this good value for a piece of paper? Yes you can buy cheap cards in bulk but this then extenuates the green issue and these have less meaning to them and do add little to the Christmas atmosphere. In addition, whilst they may look nice up in your house for a couple of weeks they are thrown away almost as soon as we get them, diminishing their value for money further still.

Cards also cripple our postal service for one month a year. Yes, they are good for Royal Mail, but it is a cost to you if your post at work and home is delayed for this time.

In many cases cards are meaningless- we just send them to everyone and all they say is “Merry Christmas” well what exactly do we mean by that? And is it really worth sending a card for?

For these people why not just send them an electronic message- I’m pretty sure all of us have Facebook so why not post on their walls instead? E-cards have been popular as long as the internet so you can still send some art as well. Or why not just send a text- surely this is preferable to sending a whole card that is wasteful and ephemeral?

Now we do naturally care more about some people, particularly family, than others and so we want to send nicer cards to these people. If we are going to send a card, one that is particularly decorative why not make it yourself? Giving this personal touch really shows the recipient that you care. Now if you are going to send a few such cards it is acceptable to buy them, but to make them yourself you need not make them by hand but could create a design on the computer and then print them off.

But I would advise that you do not send these people a card at all, for if you do you will often just be sending the same simple message of “Merry Christmas” and whether heartfelt or not this is of little use. If you really care about the person, someone you perhaps haven’t contacted in a year or so why not take the time to write them a letter? If you do not have the time even the traditional British round robin (family circular) when made tastefully and modestly is preferable to a simple card. And just because you are not sending a card does not mean that you cannot send something decorative and festive- again you can send your own art.

Cut Back On Greetings Cards


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