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problem-of-other-mindsThis is an essay I wrote back in 2009, and there’s a sense in which my having written it may have been futile. I refer not to the disdain which the general public may so sadly direct at the noble art of the philosophy essay, but to the possibility that I am the only person capable of reading it –not because of my idiosyncratic and altogether inept use of language– but because I may, for all I know, be the only sentient person in the universe. We have all considered this possibility at some point, but because it is so absurd it is easy enough to dismiss. The philosophical problem of demonstrating why we are right to dismiss it is, however, far from easy. Read the rest of this entry

The Problem of Other Minds



There isn’t an easy one size fits all solution to this, but universities need to become more flexible. There should be options based upon the subject, the student’s previous qualifications, and whether they’ve had a gap year.

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Should Year 1 Count (in British University Degrees)?